CM Partners Group

Key Personnel

Christie Smith photo

Christie Fischetti / Principal

As Principal, Christie brings a passion for developing customized project solutions for her clients, and the skill set to see construction projects to completion on time and on budget. Christie, a project management executive with 30 years of experience, has performed all aspects of project management from design development through construction over-sight. She leads the capable CMPG team in providing the highest quality service for office, entertainment, retail, medical, lab and industrial space for tenants, landlords and property owners.

Lee Chang photo

Lee Chang / Senior Project Manager

Lee Chang is a competent and experienced Project Manager, having successfully worked with various clients in office, retail banking and high-security industries. Lee has extensive experience with Property Inspections and Due Diligence reports on various types of buildings including restaurants, office space and warehouses. His expertise in complex technologies, as well as his comprehensive knowledge of real estate and the Project Management process, give him the ability to offer unmatched service to his clients.

Lee Chang photo

Dyana Elam / Senior Project Manager

Dyana Elam brings over 13 years of diverse Real Estate industry experience to the CMPG team. Having held positions in Leasing, Transactional Real Estate, Operations and Construction, Dyana’s ability to understand “the big picture” has been her key to success with landlords, brokers and tenants. Dyana’s passion for teamwork and her ability to find creative solutions to complex issues make her an asset to our clients and a valuable member of the CMPG team.

Tom Masterson photo

Tom Masterson / Senior Project Manager

As Project Manager, Tom Masterson brings a wealth of experience and expertise in Project Management to his role at CMPG. A licensed Architect and Real Estate Broker, Tom performs all components of Project Management with ingenuity and professionalism, fully understanding his clients´ needs and requirements. Tom has managed projects from ground up construction to large tenant improvements for commercial office, retail, medical, research, educational and warehouse.

Lola Wheeler photo

Lola Wheeler / Senior Project Manager

Prior to joining CMPG as Sr. Project Manager, Lola served as a Project Manager overseeing approximately 2.5 Million square feet of high-rise office and retail spaces in downtown Los Angeles for a high volume of Tenant and Capital Improvements. She has served as Assistant Property Manager throughout southern California and has previously worked as an analyst for Fortune 500 companies in Los Angeles and New York, providing financial and legal support services. As Sr. Project Manager with CMPG, Lola uses her background in Real Estate Construction to evaluate every facet of a project with a focus on the triple bottom line that is social, economic and sustainable.

Matt Avallone photo

Matt Avallone / Project Manager

Matt Avallone has worked in construction management for more than 30 years. Matt’s experience includes commercial tenant improvements, food service and hospitality construction, medical offices, ground up industrial construction and custom residential development. Matt has led teams of architects, interior designers, and engineers in designing and building commercial projects, working for owners, developers and tenants. Matt focuses on delivering quality products on time and on budget and ensuring that his clients are happy not only with the finished product but with the process of getting from concept to completion.

Christina Gregoire photo

Christina Gregoire / Project Manager

Christina Gregoire brings over 10 years of industry experience in Construction Management to her position as Project Manager. Christina possesses extensive knowledge of business processes as well as technical experience in the field. Christina has a track record of utilizing leadership, communication and interpersonal skills to build teams that meet/exceed goals. In addition, Christina has experience in supporting efforts in HR, Finance, Billing, Business Development and Office Management.

Amanda Tinoco photo

Amanda Tinoco / Project Manager

Amanda Tinoco possesses over 15 years of experience in Project Management and Construction Administration focusing on Healthcare Construction and Design. With Amanda’s strong architectural background, she has been able to efficiently deliver solutions to real-time issues while managing the efficiencies and profit of the project as a whole. Her construction management experience with large multi-story OSHPD buildings has been crucial to her success in project management of multiple small projects simultaneously that include remodels, maintenance and infrastructure upgrades. Amanda’s ability to build relationships and collaborate effectively with the project team to provide the client with a successful project has been her forte and will continue to be an asset in her role as Project Manager at CMPG.

Ryan Fedler photo

Ryan Fedler / Project Manager

Ryan received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and brings in years of experience in Business Project Management. He has worked on both the General Contractor and Developer sides, with experience in ground-up, commercial, retail, office and restaurant projects. Ryan’s previous experience in commercial construction strengthened his skills to drive projects to completion and to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Mandy Boyer photo

Mandy Boyer / Assistant Project Manager

As an Assistant Project Manager, Mandy provides assistance to Project Managers including vendor administration, contract administration, bidding and job cost control. Mandy’s natural strength is developing and maintaining business relationships, innovative thinking and problem solving. Mandy brings to the team a wealth of experience in C-level support, Quality Control, Billing, Office Management, HR support and strong entrepreneurial instincts. Her extensive knowledge of CMPG’s policies and procedures allows her to provide valuable support to our Project Managers.

Alex Willingham photo

Alex Willingham / Assistant Project Manager

As Assistant Project Manager, Alex is responsible for providing administrative, general office, financial and contract support for the CMPG team. Alex obtained his BA from the University of Southern California (USC). In addition, Alex’s background in commercial real estate, asset management and HR allow him to greatly support the team in all aspects of Project Management. His background and skills provide the energy needed for innovation and continuous growth.

Stratos Georgopoulos photo

Stratos Georgopoulos / Assistant Project Manager

Stratos graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a degree in Real Estate Development and joined CMPG as an Assistant Project Manager. He works directly with the project managers, tracking the administrative and financial components of active projects, providing our team with the necessary support to complete each task successfully. He has previous industry experience in land development, where he was involved in the management of various master planned communities, entitlement exercises, and the planning of a future, 400+ acre residential development.

Heather Toribio photo

Heather Toribio / Assistant Project Manager

Heather Toribio offers to the CMPG team both subcontractor and general contractor experience. Her driving philosophy is to relay timely and complete communication for a nimble team. She ensures positive and reciprocal relationships with others to foster a happy and productive environment. Heather’s experience includes capital and tenant improvements in high-rise office buildings and industrial warm shells. Day to day tasks at CMPG include support for project managers, including vendor administration, contract administration, bidding and job cost control. Heather holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Cal State Fullerton and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in construction management.

Ashley White photo

Ashley White / Assistant Project Manager

Ashley graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. She started her career in Project Management within the public works sector in community colleges. She moved her way into working with a general contractor on projects for commercial construction in retail, office property management, medical hospitals and food service industries, with specific exposure to the Orange County and Los Angeles markets. Ashley brings her in depth knowledge of ground up developments and TI renovations to her role as an Assistant Project Manager at CMPG.

Espie Torres photo

Espie Torres / Compliance Officer

Espie Torres brings over 13 years of experience in the Construction industry. Espie has a diverse background in serving clients ranging from public educational institutions, to private medical facilities, to high end luxury homes, to currently serving at a historic transit facility. In a variety of roles in Project Management Espie has contributed to the completion of many successful projects by maintaining positive communication, assisting in coordinating team efforts and exceeding expectations of customers. In her current role as Compliance Officer, Espie is responsible for ensuring compliance with the public bid contractual requirements on her account. She is a versatile and valuable member of CMPG.

Tina Campbell photo

Tina Campbell / Compliance Administrator

Tina Campbell has experience in ground-up construction and remodel projects for office buildings, creative labs, conference centers, auditoriums and data centers. Her skill set focuses on client needs before, during and after construction. Her ability to network, collaborate and coordinate between multiple teams allows her to be successful when considering all aspects of a project. Tina's strengths include high attention to detail, customer relations, analytical thinking and problem solving.

Melissa Liu photo

Melissa Liu / Billing Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Melissa obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, with a minor in Economics from UC Davis. She has traveled to over fourteen countries, which has cultivated a deep passion for interacting with diverse groups. Melissa integrates her business development experiences through evaluating internal systems and developing strategies to promote and enhance infrastructure, and thrives in a collaborative, project-oriented, and deadline-driven work environment. As Billing Coordinator/Executive Assistant, Melissa delivers proactive, coordinated support, and is responsible for all administrative coordination, financial, business development, and contract support for CMPG.

Michelle Cervantes photo

Michelle Cervantes / Project Coordinator

Michelle Cervantes brings a diverse background with 18 years of Property and Project Management experience. As Project Coordinator, Michelle provides administrative, general office and project support for the CMPG team. Her background in Class A office, industrial and retail buildings allow her to greatly support the team in all aspects of Project Management.